Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We are SO blessed!  God continues to flood us with his grace, love, and mercy daily. 

8 months ago my daughter had a heart flutter that was so rare, that not a single nurse, doctor, or cardiologist at Baylor Dallas had ever actually seen it in an infant before.  They had read about it, were pretty positive how to fix it, but couldn't be 100% until they actually went in and tried.  As a mother...that is terrifying!  Today. Baylor Ann, is a healthy, crawling, babbling, and oh so lovable baby.

8 months ago my husband and I started on one of the scariest journeys God has ever taken us on.  We were starting a new family and a new job in a new town and did not know a single soul!  There was so much new and I was so overwhelmed.  Today my husband is coaching in his first play off game after winning District in the regular season.  I will be in the stands cheering him on and most likely I will not be holding my baby because God has placed so many new people in our life that love us and especially love Baylor that she will be getting passed around by all of the soccer moms who have fallen in love with her and want to hold her and love on her almost, but not quite as much as her own grandparents would. 

Also, today, I had lunch with friends.  Friends!  We have gone from not knowing anyone, to knowing several people, having several friends.  As a stay at home mom, I stay busy! It is God and God alone who has put these people we have come to love in our life because if you know me well, then you know my conversation skills are lacking at best sometimes! ;)

8 months ago we visited a church. A very nice church, full of very nice people.  When church was over and my husband and I got in the car, I cried.  Not cried, but bawled!  I did not think I would ever have the feeling of a new church feeling like my church home.  I did not know how important that really was until I no longer had it.  Since that time we have found a "church home" and LOVE it!  We love the people, we love the pastor, and we love the ministry of it. We are so thankful and blessed that God lead us here.

In the 8 months we have been here we have also had some health scares and financial scares.  God has always provided and God has always healed.  Yes, I'm a major hypochondriac, but every now and then I actually have something weird happen!  God is faithful and through prayer and God's grace I still breathe to live another day! And as the stay at home wife of a coach...we are not exactly rich.  In love, definitely, on paper...not so much.  I was joking with my mom the other day and I told her, "If you're poor then you better tithe because that's the only way you'll make it!"

We have an overwhelming support system.  My family, my husband's family.  They are all so supportive.  So willing to help if we call on them.  They come to Colby's soccer games, help watch Baylor if we need them.  Baylor's KK's and aunts keep her looking like quite the fashionista. :)  They pray for us daily and they are AWESOME!

Blessed is what we are.  In every way.   I know there will be drizzly times, rainy times, and scary thunderstorm times in our life.  But today I will celebrate the blessings.  Below are a few pics from Bay's dedication.  Thanks Minna and Lou Lou for taking pictures!

The Fam

Bay's dedication.  The scripture we chose for her. Isaiah 43:1b "Fear not for I have summoned you. I know you by name. You are mine"

Baylor and Mommy

Baylor and Drew...he got the best smile from her!  And he only holds her for like 30 seconds at a time!

Baylor and her Lou Lou.  The two red heads of the fam.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

On the move!

Well this has been a BIG week in the Peek household.  First of all, my hub's soccer team is the District Champs!!! Woo-hoo!!!  AND Colb got Coach of the Year for our district. Yay!!!!  So proud of him and the team! I am also just relieved that we made it through our first regular season of soccer.  We definitely had a few learning curves along the way, but overall it has been a dream season!  On to playoffs!

Another HUGE milestone we have hurdled this week is crawling!  Baylor can finally go forward!!!!  Now...it does resemble more of a breast stroke that you might see in swimming, but it's forward!  Hard to believe she came into this world so little and fragile and 8 months later she is chubby and busy! 

In the video there is some commentary by me, so you might just want to watch it with your mute button on...

I have 2 doctors appointments on Monday that I am just ready to get through, so any prayers you could send my way on that day would be much appreciated!  Not expecting anything out of the ordinary, and am praying it stays that way! =)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Little Orangutan

See any resemblence?


Oh my sweet baby girl and her red poofy hair!  I love it!

The Peek household is staying busy as usual!  Colby is busy with soccer and I am busy with a busy little 7 month old!  She is moving all over the place these days, but not quite in the right direction...yet!

She's up on all fours!

She's in a bear crawl position...ready to take off!

And backwards we go into the entertainment center!

And back again under our bouncer!

And even backs up under her lion....are you sensing a theme here?

Yes, my sweet Little Bitty can crawl backwards with the best of them.  It's forwards we need to work on!  I am positive though she will wake up one morning or after an afternoon nap and just start crawling...then, life as I know it will again change forever! =) 

Baylor also has 2 little bitty bottom teeth.  You can't see them very well yet, but you can definitely feel them if she catches you off guard!  I will miss her little gummy smile, but I am happy she is reaching milestones. When people told me how quick the time passes and how quickly they change I thought they were all liars for the first 6 weeks of her life.  Then, one day, she just came to life and has not slowed down since!  Sometimes I swear she's gotten bigger just during her nap!

Oh yes...I would like to take a moment to apologize to all the people who thought I was pregnant from the title of my last post.  I am not.  Just thought it was a catchy title.  I had no idea so many people actually read this blog until the comments, texts, and emails that started with, "I thought you were...".  My bad.  I will try to think my titles through a little better for future blogs. :)

We have been doing a study on "The Art of Marriage" in our life groups recently.  I have loved it and have been reminded of many truths in God's word and having a God centered marriage. Today's lesson was on conflict and forgiveness.  There was a great quote by one of the speakers saying, "Harboring resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."  Another great quote that is so true and so simple, "Love God. Love People."

"When he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly." 1 Peter 2:23

Be blessed!-E