Friday, May 30, 2014

And so goes another year...

Another school year has come and gone...again!

Honestly, most of this year was a blur for me.  They say that going from one kid to two kids isn't really that big of deal because you're still in "man" defense.  They say it's going from 2 kids to 3 kids that's tough because then the parents are outnumbered. Well...let me tell you..."they" lied.  Going from 1 kid to 2 kids has rocked my ever fragile world!  I love both of my children soooo much.  More than I could ever appropriately put into words, but...good grief...they have thrown some curve balls at me this year!

Baylor turned 3 last July.  3 was a doozy of a year for our Baylor girl!  She found her will, she formed her opinions, she drew her ill-advised line in the sand (daily), annnnnnd she punked us...multiple times!  You know, I honestly thought that the fact that when I got baptized and was pregnant with Baylor that that would give Baylor some kind of Holy Immunity to the hard headed genes she was doomed to inherit(from her father's side..obvs), but it didn't.  At. All.  Thankfully, along with her new sense of independence also came growth and maturity.  She has become one of the SWEETEST big sisters you will ever see...and she's only 3!  She has one of the funniest personalities (when she's in the mood) that you will ever encounter...and she's only 3! :)  She has the most contagious laugh and irresistible dimple.  Thank goodness for her's the only thing that spares her poor bottom sometimes. ;)

Mylea, also born in July, is now 10 months old.  She is a completely opposite baby than Baylor was.  Baylor was perfect.  Literally.  Never cried.  Always slept.  Super easy going. Mylea, well...she's not so much any of that.  She's a scheduled baby. And she needs to stay on that schedule or else chaos will undoubtedly ensue.  We had to leave many a soccer games early this year bc Mylea needed her bed.  Immediately.  The silver lining though is that she looooves her mommy! :)  When she wakes up too early, she will go back to sleep contentedly on my chest.  She loves for mommy to hold her.  Now that she can crawl, wherever I go she goes.  She's my little shadow.  Although she doesn't have any dimples she still has the sweetest smile that lights up her whole face! She's a climber.  She's a put everything she can find in her mouth-er. And she loves her big sister Baylor.  If I need her to smile I just call Bay.  Bay can always get her to smile.  I love watching them together.  It's the best.  And I LOVE my Mylea girl! 

 First and last day of PDO.

A hole!  Let's see if I fit?!

 Baylor found "treasures" and put them all on.

Look Mom!  I ate a marker!

Sister love

It wasn't teeny...and it wasn't yellow polka dots, but it sure was cute!

Mylea and her friend Bowen. Same chair each pic. New born, 4ish months, and 10 months.

Mommy's chest :)

Just another day in the Land of Baylor!

Wake up Mom!



My: I want that! Bay: Back up sis...

Too cool for school.

Daddy love


Thank you Jesus for these two precious lives.  I love them so.