Monday, January 17, 2011

Who's in charge here?

This past weekend Colby played in his first soccer tournament.  His team came in second place....woo-hoo!!!  I was not able to attend the tournament, but still had an interesting revelation come from it...

 When Colby and I were in our senior year at college I told him, "I love you, but if you think you need to go back to Sulphur Springs, don't ask me to marry you.  I will wait on you in the city."  I did not want to be that small town girl, that never left her small town, hung out with family all the time, and became a baby making machine at ridiculously young age with other girls that never left that small town.  I wanted to be young, free, adventurous, and on my or mine and Colby's own!  Colby said, "Oh no, I don't want to go back there."  Fast forward 7 months and where are we?  Sulphur Springs, Texas. I was MISERABLE!!!  Oh how I cried.  Colby had applied in Gainsville, but it was for a Varsity football and Soccer position and he was not Varsity football qualified at that time.  He applied at Denton Ryan and had the job, until he realized that he was one hour short of being able to take the Biology certification test and in DFW they do not emergency certify because there are so many other applicants that are already certified.  Who would take a chance and emergency certify him?  Sulphur Springs...small, quaint, hometown of Sulphur Springs.  Turns out it was the best move we ever made.  God knew what he was doing...I couldn't see it then, but I definately see it now.  In the 4 years we were there Colby won a State Championship in a Varsity coach! =)  I had my dream job of teaching Kindergarten on the best campus with the best staff possible.  We had several new friends and became closer with old friends.  I was led to an amazing doctor by friends that helped us through our journey of infertillity. AND we actually enjoyed hanging out with our family! =) Life was more than perfect.  Then...almost out of the blue it seemed....we were moving again.  I was 9 months pregnant, due in August, had several friends who had just had a baby or were just about to have a baby and was going to miss out on the chance to see our kids grow up together.  We were both apart of some the most God centered staffs you will ever encounter.  I loved everything about my life and it was all being taken away in a flash.  I know moving is all part of God's perfect plan...but the question of, "Why here?  Why now?" couldn't help but pop up in my mind.  So now I am bawling and squaling because I don't want to leave Sulphur Springs!!!  What a change of heart from the beginning!

So...back to Colby's soccer tournament.  Guess who he played in his first two games?  Gainsville and Denton Ryan.  The first two places he ever applied to and got turned down which led us to, what I thought then, was a painstaking move to SS.  It's like God was saying, "Em...I knew what I was doing then. I know what I'm doing now.  You couldn't see it then, you may not see it now, but I have a perfect plan for your life.  Trust me. Follow me." 

So that is what we're doing!  We have made quick friendships here, gotten plugged into a great church, Colby is off to a great start in his soccer season, I get to stay home with Baylor, and since Colby doesn't have to coach football, he gets to see Baylor quite a bit more than if he had coached football.  Sometimes it's hard, but having reassurance and peace from our Heavenly Father that yes this is where he wants us to be makes the hard times, exciting.  I can't wait to see what all he has in store for us and the work he allows us to do for the Kingdom.  Jeremiah 29:11-"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you for a hope and a future."

And on that are some pics of my litttle "Bitty Boo."  They are a little fuzzy b/c they are phone pics
Big girl!

My little Chunky Monkey!

Oh noooo she didn't!

Friday, January 7, 2011

And so it begins...

Soccer season has officially started!!!  So far we have had 3 scrimmages and have done really well.  I am so proud of Colby and all the hard work he is putting into this season.  It is much different for me this time around than last year because last year Colby was an assistant coach and I had my sister to travel to all of the games with.  This year Colby is a Head Coach and I am Hans Solo!  A little scary if you know me and sense of direction...or lack there of! =)  Soccer in general is a small crowd because it is an outdoor sport in the dead of winter...being able to have a warm body to get through it with and talk with a luxury that I am currently without.  BUT...thanks to technology I can take lots of pics and text throughout the entire game...thank goodness!!!!   Here are a few pics from our Christmas and soccer games!  Be blessed in 2011 and make everyday count.  That is what I am going to try and do!!!

Such a happy baby!  LOVES her baby doll

All smiles

Baylor and Mommy at Daddy's first soccer game.  It was chilly!

Colby getting ready for his first game as a Head Coach and I was actually able to find the place on my own and get documentation!!!!

Baylor's Pirate shoes.  Go Pirates!

Pirate Passy

Our new version of Friday Night Lights