Thursday, November 24, 2011

Traditionally Untraditional

Each year for about the past 5 or 6 years the men in our family have a tradition of running 7-13 miles on Thanksgiving morning.  I don't know why they do this...they just do?  This year good ole SS hosted it's very first Turkey Trot in town!  It was a great idea since most people drive to the DFW area otherwise and it raised money for a great cause! family being the runners that they are thought it would be a great idea for all of us to run, and we did!  Here is me and my fam at the end of the race, going strong!

Woo-hoo!  Crowd's cheering us in!

We are SO close to the finish!

We are pumped!'s what actually happened.  Literally everyone in my family runs but me. SIX year old nephew and mom beat me....

Way to go guys

My Dad and sis beat me....they will be running the Houston half marathon coming soon!

And that pic of Colby running with me earlier...he had already finished.  He was just circling back around to help me push the stroller!!!  He and my brother in law will be running the Whiterock FULL marathon next weekend! So yes, I am not a's just not my thing.  I am a great cheerleader though and Baylor is a great tag along! :)

After our little "trot" this morning we headed over to our next untraditional tradition of stuffing our faces at Texas de Brazil.  It is sooooo soooo sooo good!

My sis, bro, and nephew...who all beat me in the Turkey Trot!

My very old parents, KIDDING, who also beat me!

And my fam who we all finshed out the trot together...some of us more than once...

You can tell we don't eat "fancy" often...

Baylor thought the white linen cloth was for playing peek-a-boo!

Sooo much food she says!

She ate herself into a coma

Our final Thanksgiving tradition of the day. Going to Bass Pro to take a family picture with Santa!

Baylor didn't even cry!  Yay!  She didn't smile either, BUT she didn't cry!

I am thankful for all of my blessings both big and small and for a God who loves me despite myself!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Fall!

Our Fall season has been very full and busy!  So far Baylor has gone to 2 pumpkin patches, went trick or treating two times, had one Thanksgiving meal, one to go and one Turkey Trot to run(mostly walk)!  I love getting to make all of these fun memories with her!  She loves EVERYONE and gets excited about EVERYTHING!  God has really blessed us this season with friends, family, and fun! Here are a few pics of our "adventures"! :) 

Pumpkin Patch with Reese


While we were at the Patch Reese got to ride some rides and she did NOT like being left out....

So she chased him around the fence while he rode!

She LOVES her cousin Reese! :)

This was Baylor's first year to get to Trick or Treat and be somewhat interactive.  I was so sad at first because we were not in Sulphur Springs so she was going to miss out getting to Trick or Treat with her cousins and go to her grandparents' houses where they would "Oooo and Ahhh" and tell her how cute she was, BUT as always God provided sweet friends with whom we had a great time and there were plenty of people along the way who "Oooed and Ahhhed" and told her how cute she was! ;)

Trick or Treat!

The "crew"

Is there anything sweeter than seeing a Daddy walk his Pink Piggy to Trick or Treat!?  So thankful for them both!

Trick or Treat drive-thru

Anymore suckers in here???

Baylor also experienced her first boo boo.  Thankfully is was right AFTER family pictures and not before!

 Concrete-1 Baylor-0

 Baylor playing "Mommy" and all!

 Baylor is also apparently very familiar with the time out routine...which was news to us until about 2 nights ago when I threatened it and she knew exactly what to do!  After talking to her sitter though it's more she sees some of the older kids go to time out so she knows what to do versus actual experience, but I am fairly certain she still gets her fair share of "think time". :)  This is a video of her getting in time out.  No I don't video it every time, or put her in there b/c I think it's cute. is hilarious so had to be documented at least once! :)

Psalm 107:1
Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. (NLT)