Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Time!

4 more days and summer is officially here!  Woo hoo!!!!!!  As many of you already know, I resigned from teaching a couple of weeks ago.It was a decision that was prayerfully thought out and I did not come by it easily.  However, leaving Baylor, everyday, all day, was harder for me than I could have ever imagined.  I thought it would get easier or become more routine, but it never did.  I work for a great school and Baylor is in a perfect childcare situation, but there have been many a Monday mornings that I would just cry on my way to school because I HATED leaving Baylor after having a full weekend with her. HATED it! In my original plans of having children, I never wanted to stay home.  I thought that would be too much time with a baby and I sure as heck did not want to be poor!  Well, after being a working mom, I realize I would rather eat dirt everyday then have to leave my baby.   Funny how a little 6.9 lb bundle can change EVERYTHING!

Now, just to clarify.  I will be working a little, but only part time. It was, again, a position that I really feel God just layed in my lap.  So blessed!   I came by it through my life group at church.  We have a friend who has a pool and outdoor living business. Basically, if it goes in your backyard, he can build it! And as his business has grown, he is needing a little more help.  Which is where I come in....and Baylor too!  The type of business he does, he meets on the customers time table,which most often happens after a normal workdays hours.  He has an office set up with a meeting area for the adults and a play area for the children whose parents are meeting with him.  So during the day, from 8-12 on M, W, F Baylor and I will be working.  She will have a play area with toys, puzzles, etc and my desk will be right beside her, but she won't be bothering anyone because we will be the only ones there!  On those days I will basically be answering the phone, running errands, and done by lunch!  On Tuesdays and Thursdays Baylor will go to Parent's Day Out and I will work a little longer on those days and get more time intensive work done.  It is a new position for everyone involved, and I am sure there will be a learning curve involved, but I am excited!  And grateful. And thankful.  And did I mention excited!?  No more leaving my baby!!! :)

As summer approaches we have many things to look forward to.  Job change for me, our landlords have decided to sell the house we are living in which means we are in the house hunting market :), Baylor turns 2 in 2 months, and we are going to Africa!  Lots of change, but all for the better!

Here are some of our recent adventures we have been on and just some funny videos of Baylor. She keeps us laughing and on our toes,daily!

Tink,our dog, does not like balls.  Tink does not really like Baylor either. So here she is having to decide the lesser of two evils

On this particular night, my dad, Mac, was trying to teach the grandkids how to do a headstand. Unfortunately what I did not catch was him showing them how to do a headstand by doing one himself.  Look alive 55! ;)  

Let's Go Rangers!

Dollar Dog night!

When the snacks have run out, Elmo makes his appearance! :)

Riding off into the night with her Prince Charming :)

We also went to a Rough Riders game with some friends and their little girl named Taylor.  These two are too cute! :)

 Fireworks, not so sure at first

So loud,but so pretty!

Be Blessed!- The Peeks