Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas 2012

      The past few months have been full of joy, excitement, frustration, fear, and I have had to repeat the phrase "Let go and Let God" multiple times!

      Christmas started out with unexpected early morning wake up call from my sister telling me that something had happened to Dad and he was on the way to the hospital.  I of course said, "I'm on my way."  My dad called and said, "Don't come, I'm fine!" But then he was admitted to the hospital, so I came anyway.  I had originally planned to use that day to wrap Christmas presents as I had procrastinated and not wrapped a single one up to that point (shocker).  So, we threw unwrapped presents, loose clothes, and any other miscellaneous things we thought we might need and headed down early to SS.  I was so thankful to hug my Daddy's neck!  As it turns out, whatever kind of episode he had, the doctors believe to be a one time event, praise the Lord!

     The next few days were spent with Colby's family, but unfortunately we had to leave his Mom's house early and miss Christmas breakfast because Baylor had developed a fever and it was starting to get high and hard to control.  So Christmas Eve morning we took her to a doctor in SS who confirmed that she did indeed have the flu.  What.a.bummer.  Thankfully our good friends at Cody Drug were able to get her the medicine she needed BEFORE everyone closed down. Another praise!  And another blessing of living or coming from a small town. There is a true sense of community.  Here is a pic of Baylor that day with my dad. So very thankful for these two!

   If you were in SS, then you know the next day (Christmas Day) there was an early morning rain storm that turned into a snowstorm.  I couldn't deny a 2 year old the magic of snow, so we did let Baylor go out for about 2 minutes to feel the snow and throw it.  She loved it and REALLY wanted
to go back out, but I told her no...multiple times.  When she asked again I said, "What did
mommy say?"  And Baylor's response was, "Mommy said throw more snowballs!"  She's very hard
not to laugh at!

     Since Christmas we have started the journey of potty training....it has been a rough one!  I tried earlier in the year to potty train and quit because it was just frustrating (to put it nicely).  However, after Christmas it has been a much better experience.  Baylor just needed "the gift of time."  We are
about 90% fully potty trained and I am sooooo relieved to be on the down hill slope of it....I hope!

Here are just a few pics of Little Bit.  We find out in March what our next baby will be and I can't wait!

School Pictures


Not even a little bit scared of a giant lion!

1st Dance Recital

Christmas at KK Peek's- pre-flu

Post-flu leaving KK Peek's going to the doctor :(

Our scrappy little princess!

Her "Punzel" pillow that Daddy made for her!

First time to ride a "Stoo Bus"

What she does almost every time I want to take her picture...and clearly finds herself very funny!

Sweet Daddy setting the bar HIGH for any future dates she may have! 

She keeps us laughing and on our toes!  Can't wait imagine what #2 will be like! :)