Monday, March 4, 2013

What's in a name?

Today we found out we are being blessed with a SECOND little girl! She is perfect and has already stolen our hearts! We are excited, shocked, thrilled, and so in love!

Now, the next question after, "What are you having?" Is always, "have you thought of a name? " Then if it's not a very common name the next question is usually, "How did you come up with that?" So, let me go ahead and answer these questions for you! Yes we have thought of a name, Mylea Lou Peek. Mylea is pronounced Mylee. We used the spelling of "lea" after Colby's sister Jennifer Lea. The name Lou comes from my sister as that is what I call her. I don't call her Lindsey, I call her Lou. So this sweet girl is getting named after two of the most important and influential people in my and Colby's life. Our sisters! We pray that these two are as close to each other as we are with our sisters. And if Baylor is half as good to Mylea as Jenn and Lou have been to us, well, Mylea is going to be one blessed girl. :)

Blessings- The Peeks