Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a day!

Actually, it's more like 3 or 4 days!  Sunday night Colby and I went out with some friends to help celebrate their Anniversary.  My parents kept Baylor that night in Sulphur Springs and on Monday her Aunt Jenn watched her (Thank you both for that. We had a blast!).  I picked Baylor up around noonish and noticed that the longer the day got, the fussier she got.  By Tuesday morning there was no doubt. She had an ear infection...again!  So I took her in to the doctor Tuesday morning and was told that yes, she had a double ear infection.  I was also told that if she had any more over the summer, it would probably be time for her to get tubes.  Tubes. I can handle that. Babies have to get tubes all the time and from everything I've heard it's over with almost as soon as it starts and makes a HUGE difference.  Then, Baylor's pediatrician informs me that she has a lazy eye and if it doesn't correct itself by the time Baylor turns a year old, we will have to see an eye specialist.  This one hurt my heart a little bit more, but was not devastating because my mom had told me before that she, my grandma, and her sister all had to have eye surgery when they were little to fix the same kind of problem.  Then, Baylor's pediatrician was listening to her heart.  She looked at me and said, "She doesn't have fever?" And I said, "No. Why?  Is something wrong?"  She told me that Baylor's heart rate was not dangerously fast, but faster than she expected given that Baylor did not have any fever.  Soon after the doctor's nurse came in and listened to her heart and the next thing I know Baylor is stripped down and has all these cords hooked up to her to do an EKG.  My doctor assured me that they were just erring on the side of caution given Baylor's history, she did not think there was anything to be concerned about, but I had heard that before...

24 hours.  That's how long I had to wait to get the test results.  24 long, long  hours.   We went in on Tuesday morning so on Wednesday my phone was glued to my hip because I did not want to take any chances and miss that phone call!  By 2:00 I still hadn't heard anything so I called and left a message with the doctor. By 5:00 I knew we were not going to find anything out that day.  Meanwhile, Baylor is clueless that she has anything even remotely wrong with her.  Her ears aren't hurting her anymore and she is a busy busy baby. So busy in fact that you know what she did....she started walking!!!!  Several little groups of steps several times.  My mom called and said, "I think this is a sign that she's going to be fine.  Just like when she rolled over when she was 3 weeks old.  It's a sign that she's going to be just fine!"  And this morning, that's exactly what the doctor called and said.  Everything is normal and she is just fine!  Apparently her heart beat was raised because she didn't feel well. And I am thankful to have doctors who are going to take such good care and precautions for her.  Praise praise praise the Lord!  Thank you to those who were praying and and praise the Lord for his infinite grace and mercy!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

What a great Mother's Day!  There is nothing better than waking up on Mother's Day to the chatter of a happy, poofy haired, chubby cheeked, healthy, 9 month old, Baylor Ann.  She is one of the sweetest blessings and true gift from God. From not knowing if we could even have a child, to not knowing if our miracle baby was going to be ok, to present day has been a "journey" to say the least. (Thank you Mrs. Surber for reminding me that life is a journey, and God takes us on different journeys all the time!) :)  But what a ride!  I would do it all over again if I had to. God has grown us and stretched us and blessed us beyond measure. I love my sweet Baylor Ann more than words could ever express and I thank God daily for letting me be the mother of this amazing, hilarious, beautiful baby girl. 

1 Samuel 1:27
Baylor's Story

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fish Face!

Everyday I send my family a picture or a video message of Baylor because at this stage in her life she changes constantly and they don't want to miss anything and I don't want them to miss anything. So...this video was intended to be sent out in a video message, but I had it on the wrong setting so it was too big to send.  All this to's not the most exciting video in the world, but one that the fam will appreciate! :)