Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today I took this little cutie to go see the flowers

And this little cutie...didn't really like them at first

In fact, she said they hurt and even signed the word "hurt" for extra emphasis.  

But I finally got a toothy grin from her :)

We were so happy that Daddy got to come with us since he was on his way to a soccer game today

Such pretty things everywhere we looked

But then, she saw it!  And even gasped. It was...

A giant water shooting frog!  She wouldn't TOUCH the flowers, but the giant frog she has no issues with

This is our new "cheese" face...

Finally, Little Bit decided to smell a flower

It was a perfect morning with my sweet little munchkin

Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Days!

Hey Y'all!  We have had so many friends offer their love, support, and prayers for our upcoming mission trip to Mozambique and we are so thankful for ALL of you!  We have 10 days left to raise the money for our flight to Africa.  The cost is $3000 for each of us and we cannot do this without the support of other believers in Christ and believers in our effort to fulfill the Great Commision. If you are at all interested in donating in anyway now would be a GREAT time for that!(did I say that tactfully enough) ;).  We have a BIG number to reach in a short time, but we serve an even BIGGER God!  Below is a link to our letter on how you can pray or donate to our trip OR if you want to private message me your address we would love to send you, your missions group, life group, etc a copy of our letter to be able to see and pray specifically for us and the people of Mozambique and the work God is doing there.  We can't wait to be the hands and feet of Christ and pray you will help serve along side us!

Mark 16:15- He said to them, "Go into all the world, and preach the Good News to all creation."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Humble Pie Anyone?

So tonight Colby coached in a playoff game.  A very intense, well-fought, and fiercely played playoff game.  As the boys played their little hearts out, the my humble opinion...could not have been worse.  It was just one of those games that I thought, "My husband works HOURS everyday to be successful, and you come in  and make GAME changing calls that throw everything they have done out the window and this is just a part time job for you.  You didn't even have to go to college for this."  Now...can refs make a team, they can make winning much more difficult when they take goals away from you and count goals that never actually cross the goal line.  Needless to say, I was a little bitter with the ref and the other team in general.  After overtime and a shootout, the Pirates did not come out on the winning side of the game.  It was even more heart breaking for the Seniors for whom this was the last game of high school soccer they will every play.  As my husband was consoling his kids, I became even more bitter than I already was on behalf of all involved on the Pirate team.  I looked at the other team and I thought, "You want to win cheating, go for it." I rolled my eyes, thought very rude thoughts about them,  and made my way out to the parking lot. Here I saw one of our players go up to the opposing team's coach, tell him congratulations, and even shake his hand without a remnant of bitterness, malice, or hate in his voice.  And I thought, "Wow.  A teenager is acting like more of an adult than I am, and he has far more reason to be upset than I do.  If he can get over it, I can too."

Life lessons.  They are about as fun as getting a splinter and taste about as good as humble pie. The teenager, he gets it.  Love God. Love People.  Easily said, not always as easily done. I hope one day, I can be as mature as that teenager.  Until then, I will thank God for the grace he gives me daily and stay far away from anything wooden. ;)