Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baylor's First Soccer Game

Today was Baylor's FIRST soccer game....and it was hilarious!  Well....I thought it was funny, her daddy, who was also coaching her, did not quite see the humor that I did! :)

Baylor looked so good during warm-up before the game.  She was dressed the part, made contact with the ball a couple of times, and very proud of her self for scoring a goal, even though it didn't count and no one else was around


 She was a great cheerleader while she was waiting her turn in the box...

And...that's about where Baylor's contributions to the game both started and ended.  She was super fast though at getting back to her line after the other team scored a goal...which they did...a lot! 


 There was one moment when Baylor had the opportunity to stop the ball from going in the goal, but instead she screamed and jumped out of the way.

From there it just got can actually see her Daddy's spirit breaking in this video...

Despite all the mishaps Baylor was all smiles and had a great time running around the field with her buds, I got some good laughs, and Colby got to practice patience.

Thanks to the Baylor Fan Club for making the drive down to see her play!  Love you all!