Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Confirmed!

Two things have been confirmed for me this week:

1.  I am not suffering from a brain tumor, but merely a sinus infection.

2.  Parents at Colby's soccer games actually did think that I was a teen mom who had gotten pregnant by one of the players!  Granted at the beginning of the season the only person I knew to talk with was a highschool teacher and I hadn't met any of the parents yet.  Since then, we have had several team meals and I have met the parents and introduced myself as the Head Coach's WIFE! =)  They, of course, have fallen in love with Baylor and she now has lots of  "baby-sitters" in the stands.

Speaking of soccer, Colby's success has continued throughout the season.  His record now is 17-1 which is AWESOME!  We give all glory to God.

Baylor had a pretty eventful Valentines day for only being 7 months.  She woke up with a note and a rose from her Daddy. =)  We then went and had a Valenties lunch at Colby's school...KFC $1.99 Monday Meal Deal style.  That night while Colb and I went on our Valentine's date, Baylor got to stay home and have a Valentine's date with her Paw-Paw.  I was a little nervous leaving Baylor with her Paw-Paw since she is still so little, but luckily she just loves him!  And he just loves her as well!

Lunch date with Daddy!

LOVE her smile!

Here are some pictures we recently took at JC Penny...I hadn't ever used them before, but they turned out really cute!  Thanks Shannon for the coupon! =)
Baylor Pics

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here lately

Hello All!  Here is a quick update from the Peek fam. 

Colby's soccer team has now been in 3 soccer tournaments.  They placed 2nd, 1st, and 1st.  Woo hoo!!!!  They have started the season strong with several wins, a few ties, and only one loss to their name.  We are so blessed!  In the pic below, Colby was passing out trophies and awards from the tournament, but hadn't seen Bay in a few days so he held her while he worked.  So sweet! =)

Baylor changes daily.  I am so so SO thankful I get to be home with her during this time.  It is crazy how one day she can't do something and then all of a sudden, the next day she can!  Here she is sitting up like a big girl at the grocery store.
And here is her latest trick...
She looks so cute, but then...
She finds her bow...
And it becomes an instant chew toy.  They don't stay on her head for too long these days!  Baylor also LOVES our dog Tink.

                                          Tink could really give or take Baylor. =) 
I've also been making Baylor's baby food.  It is cheaper and healthier and something I enjoy doing for her.  My latest baby cooking food was an acorn  squash...pretty sure that's what I bought... ;)
                                       Bake it, blend it, freeze it, and you get...
                                       Lunch for 2 weeks for only $.88! And you get...

                                                    One chubby, happy, baby!

                                         Here is a pic from our last snow day.

                                                What a cute family I have! =)

                                            And here is her Daddy's latest trick....

            Please Lord help us make it through the toddler years with out killing her!!!!!!!!

Wishing you all warm blessings!